Nabali and Souri are believed to be the varieties that are in the mount of olives in Jerusalem.

In Palestine, the olive tree is a symbol of freedom and represents a deep connection to the earth it grows on. Olive trees live an average of 2,000 years. Tending to these trees is a generational task passed on over a millennium.

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Nabali olive trees are indigenous to Palestine and cultivated according to sustainable agricultural traditions passed down over millennia. The name Nabali refers to the ancient Canaanite city of Napoli known today as the thriving Palestinian city of Nablus. This variety is the mother of the Arbequina olive variety well known in Spain and Italy.

Nabali Olive Oil is smooth and delicate, sweet and fruity.


The Souri olive tree is similar to the Nabali in structure and size. The oil made from this olive is robust and has a peppery finish. Considered by many to be the best tasting oil in the region.


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